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Roof Repairs

We offer a wide range of roof repairs at affordable prices. Our quality of workmanship stands out from the rest and we believe we offer the best roofing service out there. Call us today for a free quotation for any roofing work you need

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Leeds & District roofing services are specialist in repairing roofs. We are a company that has quickly built up a great reputation as one of the best roofers in the Leeds area. We have done thousands of roof repairs throughout the yorkshire area and we always make sure we get it right the first time, this has helped us build a great reputation with our customers and we come highly recommended. 

Roof leaks can cause serious damage to your property over time, so the sooner you fix them the better.

Here are 5 serious risks of a leaking roof

1. Attic and ceiling damage

The initial dangers of a roof leak are damage to the attic area and items stored there. If there is no attic, or the size of the leak is really big, it will damage the interior ceiling. Affected ceiling paint will darken and ceiling plaster may bubble and expand. The leaking water also will damage paint and plaster on nearby walls. You can also expect damage on ceiling-mounted lights and fans.

2. Interior mold and mildew issues

In the longer term, one of the most serious consequences of a leaking roof is mold and mildew growth. Mold can spread throughout the home’s structure, to the HVAC system and then to the rest of the house through the vents where it can invade carpets, furniture, and even clothing.

Black mold is the most common type resulting from chronic water intrusion. Toxic black mold growth is rare, but even non-toxic black mold attacks wood framing, ceiling tiles, and wall and floor coverings. Mold is difficult to get rid of, and it is rather costly.

3. Fire hazard from water damage

If your electrical wiring is present in an attic or ceiling, a leaky roof could pose a fire threat from shorted wires. It is highly recommended to turn off electricity to the area that’s affected and have an electrician examine it.

4. Compromised structural integrity

The most obvious consequence of a leaking roof is the damaged rafters, ceiling joists, wall framing and even fascia boards and exterior trim can become victims of water intrusion. Chronic roof leaks lead to wood deterioration and weakened, rotten roof framing causes serious problems that require assistance from a professional contractor. You can also face expensive wood framing repairs if water leaks down into ceiling joists and walls.

5. Health concerns from mold

Mold and mildew can lead to serious health issues, especially for those with high sensitivity, including nasal congestion, rhinitis, inflammations, and asthma, according to the U.k. Environmental Protection Agency. Mold spores continue to be produced once it's present and will lead to allergic reactions, asthmatic symptoms, and more serious health problems.