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Glass Reinforced Plastic

GRP or Fibreglass roofing is one of the best, durable, reliable, long lasting, cost effective way to weatherproof a flat roof or a pitched roof. We replace more low pitched roofs with a grp roofing system as when an extension is built, they normally come with a pitch between 12.5 to 17.5 degrees. When velux windows are added after time we see most extension pitched roofs leak and the only way to resolve this is by putting a grp roofing system on. With a grp roofing system you can keep the velux windows or change them to a roofing pod. We also specialize in Grp flat roofs and we only install cure it products, meaning we can give a 20 years guarantee with all Grp roofing systems

Advantages of a GRP Flat Roof

1. Safer Installations - GRP Roofing requires no complicated machinery and in most cases does not require heat equipment resulting in safer installations and reduced risk of on-site accidents

2. Durability and Strength - Most fibreglass roofs have a life expectancy of 20 years once they have been installed correctly

3. Flexibility - Choose from a variety of trims to suit the roof build. Materials can also be easily cut to suit the shape of the roof

4. Waterproof - Has no seams - Resistant to weathering - Waterproof Topcoat finish

 5. Easy to maintain - Brush or hose the completed roof to keep it clean

Why choose FibreGlassDirect for your GRP flat roof materials?

Leeds & District Roofing Ltd have over 40 years’ experience in the fibreglass industry. We have first-hand experience in dealing with many customer projects in relation to flat roofing. This experience has given us an unrivalled knowledge of the best products for fibreglass roofing applications. We don’t cut corners when it comes to your roof. As a leading installer in the fibreglass industry, we know that quality counts. We offer customers a choice of great-value, Premium products and Low-Cost Grp Flat Roofing systems

Our Cure It Grp roofing systems offer a fire retardant Roofing Topcoat which complies with BS 476 Part 3: 2004 and is available in many colours. Our Cure It flexible Roofing Resin will aid thermal expansions/contractions, roof settling and slight movement in roof flexing due to walking on the roof. GRP Roofing Edgings and Trims will give your roof a decorative and professional finish.

Once used correctly, a combination of these materials will leave you with a seamless, waterproof flat roof.

For more information on any of our roofing products visit our fibreglass flat roofing section or contact us today.