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Lead Flat Roofing

Lead roofing can last upward of a century and requires little to no maintenance along the way, but it's expensive to purchase and even more expensive to install. Lead has been used in roof construction for centuries, due to its superb malleability and low melting point. It can be moulded to any shape, is highly resistant to corrosion and non-combustible, making it ideal for all roofing applications.

As a highly flexible material, lead can be easily moulded into a wide range of forms. This makes it suitable for a variety of applications, including roofing, as its able to be shaped to sit neatly along any roof line, including the more awkward and protruding areas. In this modern age it seems strange that lead is still used as a roofing material. However, it has stood the test of time for good reason. Lead, as a working material, lends itself perfectly to roofing. And you’d struggle to improve on perfection. Good quality lead can last up to 3 times longer than other roofing materials. This makes it, if installed properly, a fit and forget item. This long life easily balances out the initial outlay. It is also extremely corrosion resistant, which again lends to its low maintenance and longevity. Many buildings feature lead roofs as it’s one of the best materials available for keeping moisture out and protecting building features, such as dormer windows. But finding a quality company for lead roofing installation and flashing can be a challenge.

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